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We are excited to offer a light edition of the classic K02 Wranglerstar kit.  This kit has most of the features you've come to know and love and can be delivered to you immediately and at a lower cost (now with FREE SHIPPING in Continental US).  Here are the differences:  (120, 220  400  600 and 1000 grit stones are included) 

Last one : Free shipping

- NO Digital angle gage


- The single clamp has been eliminated, but you get the beautiful "whole milled" double clamps 

+ A functional insert comes within the wooden crate and has individual, form-fitting locations for each component

+ All 3rd generation clamps, scissors attachment and removeable table are compatible and can be ordered separately.

*** Add accessories to make it a full K02 Master Kit over time as your budget, hobby, or business evolves


We think this kit is a winner.  Why wait,  place an order quickly before the first production batch gets sold out.  As seen for the first time at Blade Show.