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New K03 Master Kit

The best has become BETTER! TSProf’s philosophy of continuous improvement has resulted in the New K03 series. More torsional rigidity is ensured by the rectangular cross section with double dovetails. All the accessories you need, new super rigid rack and pinion system. Shipping is FREE in the continental US.

New K03 Knife Maker Kit

Designed for the knife maker or super knife enthusiasts. We have taken the most used accessories from the Master Kit and included them in the famous Green Box from Russia. Shipping is FREE in the continental US.


New K03 Outdoorsman Kit

For lovers of camping, hunting, fishing or the outdoors. The Outdoorsman Kit covers the basic accessories you need to sharpen knives from pocket knives and fixed blades . As your skills improve and you expand your hobby to include specialized blades and scissors, you can add all the accessories up to and including the carrying case. Incrementally buy what you need or want!


Blade clips

To make the knife remain motionless in the system, our engineers have developed durable clips made of hardened spring steel alloy. The product lineup includes solutions for thin long knives, and even for scissors.

Single Zazhim Double Zazhim



Same as knives, steel is different, and sharpening stones have different grain, bezel, and binder. We have sets of stones for all types of steel, be it damask steel, or powder steel.


Add to your basic sharpening kit with accessories to enhance appearance, extend performance or personalize

Case Wrench Clamp

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